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Learning to drive is an important skill and it takes team work to get the pupil up to a high level of competence.  To achieve this all our driving instructors at our driving school in Widley are fully qualified.


Our driving school in Widley appreciates that we have a duty to produce the best new drivers that we can. The only way you can produce good students is by giving them good tuition hence the reason why our driving school in Widley will only allow qualified driving instructors to work with us.


You will often find driving schools in Widley offering cheap driving lessons in Widley but these offers usually result in the pupil been taught by trainee driving instructors. As their name suggests, trainees are not qualified and are still learning how to teach people and how to prepare them for the driving tests. It is possible that you could be that driving instructor’s first ever pupil and you will end up paying for more driving lessons than if you had paid slightly more and gone with a qualified driving instructor.


You can easily see which driving instructors in Widley are qualified or not.  Whenever a driving instructor is giving paid tuition then they must, by law, display a badge in the car’s windscreen near to the car tax disc. A green badge indicates a qualified driving instructor and a red badge highlights a trainee. Always make sure you see these badges before the driving lesson starts.


Our driving school in Widley can arrange any type of driving course to suit both your availability and budget.  Usually everything can be organised by our driving school in Widley within an hour of receiving your communication. So whether you only want one driving lesson a week in Widley or an intensive driving course in Widley our driving school will sort everything out for you.


If you wish to buy driving lessons as a gift then our driving school in Widley can issue driving lesson vouchers. These vouchers can be for any number of driving lessons and make excellent Christmas gifts or presents for other occasions. Our driving school in Widley will post or e-mail the vouchers out the same day that the order is received.