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We are proud of the fact that every driving instructor who works with our driving school in Parkgate is fully qualified and experienced. This means that our driving school in Parkgate can give excellent driver training at very reasonable costs.


Our driving school in Parkgate is not the cheapest driving school if you compare us on an hourly basis but most of our pupils pass with fewer driving lessons than they expect and this is the real financial saving.


You will find cheap driving lessons in Parkgate on offer but the majority of these driving schools in Parkgate who make these offers will be using trainee driving instructors not qualified driving instructors like our driving school in Parkgate. Although the driving lesson in Parkgate price is lower, it does not necessarily mean you will save money. If your driving school in Parkgate allows a trainee to teach you then their experience of teaching people and preparing them for driving tests will be extremely limited. This means you are more likely to have to take extra driving tests before you pass due to a lack of preparation and this will involve you having to pay additional driving test fees and extra driving lessons.


You can easily identify a qualified driving instructor by the green badge which will be located in the car’s windscreen near to the car tax disc. A trainee driving instructor will show a red badge in the same location.


All qualified driving instructors are graded based on their teaching capabilities. The highest grade any qualified driving instructor can achieve is a grade 6. All the driving instructors with our driving school in Parkgate are grade 4 or higher. Trainees are not graded and this is why some driving schools in Parkgate will not mention this to you.


Our driving school in Parkgate can reduce the price of our driving lessons if you can pay a deposit when you book your first driving lesson in Parkgate. By paying a deposit that guarantees to our driving school that you will be there when our driving instructor arrives.