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All the driving lessons in Funtley conducted with our driving school in Funtley will be with fully qualified driving instructors. Our driving school in Funtley is proud to be able to make this statement because not all driving school in Funtley can match it.


This is because some driving schools in Funtley operate with trainee driving instructors and it is usually these driving schools who will be offering the cheap driving lessons in Funtley.


Whilst our driving school in Funtley fully appreciates that price is an important element when buying any product the quality of the training you will receive from your driving school in Funtley should not be neglected.


It is reasonably easy to discover the quality of the instruction you will receive by simply getting the individual driving instructor’s grading. The highest grade that any driving instructor can achieve is a grade 6.  All the driving instructors who work with our driving school in Funtley are grade 4 or higher.  If the driving school in Funtley you are communicating with does not mention anything about the grades then they could well be operating with trainee driving instructors and these instructors are not graded until they qualify.


These grades are issued by the Driving Standards Agency on a regular basis and they indicate the quality of the training you can expect to receive from each driving instructor.


Qualified and trainee driving instructors can be identified by the different colour badges they display in their car’s windscreen near to the car tax disc. A green badge identifies a qualified driving instructor and a red badge shows a trainee driving instructor.


Our driving school in Funtley appreciates that it is not cheap to learn to drive if you want quality training but we can assist our pupils reduce their costs.  For example, we are one of very few driving schools in Funtley who do not charge extra for driving lessons taken in the evening or at the weekends. Some other driving schools in Funtley do charge higher lesson prices for driving lessons in Funtley taken at those times. An additional saving can be taken if pupils pay a deposit when they book their driving lessons. Like most driving schools in Funtley our driving instructors turn up for arranged driving lessons and many times the pupil has forgotten or is not there. By paying a deposit this prevents this from happening and guarantees to our driving school in Funtley that you will be there when our driving instructor arrives.


Our driving school in Funtley issues driving lesson vouchers for people wishing to buy driving lessons as presents.  Our vouchers can be for any number of driving lessons and our driving school in Funtley will post these vouchers out on the same day that the order is received. If the vouchers are needed urgently then they can be e-mailed instead.


If you have any questions or wish to book driving lessons in Funtley then please call our driving school in Funtley.