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Our driving school in Bridgemary only allows fully qualified driving instructors to conduct our driving lessons in Bridgemary as that gives us the best possibility of getting our pupils through their driving tests at the first attempt.


Many people do not know that some driving schools in Bridgemary will allow trainee driving instructors to teach their pupils. Our driving school in Bridgemary is against this practise.


You can identify qualified driving instructors and trainee driving instructors by the colour of their badge which they must display in the car’s windscreen whenever driving tuition is been given. A fully qualified driving instructor will show a green badge when giving driving lessons in Bridgemary whereas a trainee driving instructor will display a red badge. These badges must be located near to the car tax disc.


At our driving school in Bridgemary all our driving instructors are grade 4 or higher. These grades are issued on a regular basis by the Driving Standards Agency to show how good each individual driving instructor teaches. Grade 6 is the highest grade any qualified driving instructor can achieve. Trainee driving instructors are not graded and this is why some driving schools in Bridgemary will not mention these grades in the hope that prospective pupils will not know this information.


We know that our driving school in Bridgemary is not the cheapest driving school in Bridgemary because we use the best driving instructors that are available. You will find cheap driving lessons in Bridgemary but the driving schools that usually make these offers are using trainee driving instructors.


To help our pupils reduce the cost of learning to drive in Bridgemary our driving school in Bridgemary will obtain a reduced lesson price for any pupil who pays a deposit when booking their first driving lesson. Like many driving schools in Bridgemary we experience our driving instructors turning up for booked driving lessons only to discover that the pupil has forgotten and is not there. This wastes our driving instructor’s time and money. By paying a deposit this guarantees to our driving school in Bridgemary that the pupil is not a time waster and will be there for the driving lesson in Bridgemary.