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Our driving school covers Widley


Please call our driving school in Widley if you wish to discuss anything to do with learning to drive in Widley or if you simply need some advice.


Finding a good driving instructor in Widley can be extremely difficult if you are not involved in the driving school industry. Our driving school in Widley is just one of very few driving schools who guarantee that every one of our driving instructors is fully qualified. Some other driving schools in Widley operate with trainee driving instructors.


To confirm that all our driving instructors are qualified you will see that our driving instructors will display a green badge in their car’s windscreen to confirm that they have passed all their qualifying examinations. A red badge would indicate that the instructor is a trainee. Our driving school in Widley only allows fully qualified driving instructors to work with us.


The Driving Standards Agency regularly checks each driving instructor. At the end of each inspection the driving instructor is issued with a grading to indicate the quality of their teaching competence. The highest grade any qualified driving instructor can achieve is a grade 6. All the driving instructors who work with our driving school in Widley are grade 4 or higher


A new driver will learn skills which will last them for the rest of their life. If the basics are not taught properly at the beginning then there is every chance that the learner will struggle.  This is why it is always best to go to a driving school in Widley, like ours, who only uses fully qualified driving instructors. Cheap driving lessons in Widley will always be found but the quality will not be as good compared with training received from a fully qualified and experienced driving instructor. Many of these cheap driving schools in Widley actually operate with trainee driving instructors and this is why they can offer what appears, on the face of it, a good deal.


The number of newly qualified drivers involved in accidents is quite frightening. One of the main reasons behind this is simply because pupils only seem to be bothered about the price of driving lessons in Widley.  Nearly every one of the calls that our driving school in Widley receives will simply be asking about how much are our driving lessons in Widley. Very few pupils even bother to find out the quality of the training they will receive.  It is our driving school in Widley duty to give the best driver training in Widley that we can but pupil feel they can learn everything in just ten or fifteen hours. Remember that twenty-four hourly driving lessons is only worth one day’s driving experience.  What can you master in a day especially something as important as driving?


Learning to drive is not cheap. To assist our pupils reduce the cost of obtaining their full licence our driving school in Widley can reduce the cost of the driving lesson price if the pupil pays a deposit when booking their first driving lesson in Widley. Our driving school in Widley has often sent driving instructors for booked driving lessons in Widley only to find the pupil has forgotten and is not there. By paying a deposit to our driving school in Widley that guarantees that the pupil will be there when our driving instructor arrives


All the quotes our driving school in Widley give will remain the same no matter when the driving lesson in Widley takes place. Unlike some other driving schools in Widley we do not charge a higher price for giving driving lessons in Widley at weekends or in the evening


With our driving school in Widley the length of the driving lesson can be anything from one hour onwards. Some driving schools in Widley only quote for 45-minute driving lessons so be aware of this when comparing our professionally run driving school in Widley with other driving schools.


Always book an assessment driving lesson before committing to any type of driving course in Widley. By doing this our driving school in Widley knows that the pupil gets on okay with our allocated driving instructor and that the car suits.  If the pupil wishes to change driving instructors, which is not necessarily a reflection on the driving instructor, then our driving school in Widley will do that.


By doing the Pass Plus driving course following a successful driving test, our driving school in Widley can help pupils reduce their first car insurance by as much as 25%. This can be worth many hundreds of pounds but not all driving schools in Widley offer this to their pupils because they are using trainee driving instructors.


Driving lesson vouchers in Widley make excellent gifts for somebody who is thinking about learning to drive. Our driving school in Widley can issue these vouchers for any number of driving lessons in Widley.  They also make sure that the monetary value is only spent on the driving lessons in Widley, too!  Once the order is received our driving school in Widley will post the vouchers out the same day or if requested our driving school in Widley can e-mail them.


Do not always believe what some driving schools in Widley tell you with regard to their driving test pass rates. So many other driving schools quotes figures in the high eighties yet the average is only 42%.  Some driving schools in Widley tell pupils these figures knowing that nobody can verify if they are true or not.