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Our driving school covers Parkgate


If you have any questions you would like answered before making a booking then please call our driving school in Parkgate.


We are an extremely professional driving school in Parkgate who only allows fully qualified and high-graded driving instructors to teach our pupils. This is just one reason why we have remained in business since our formation and why we are justly proud of our driving test pass rates.


By law every driving instructor must display a badge in their car’s windscreen to show whether the driving instructor is qualified or a trainee. This is to guarantee that the instructor is not an illegal driving instructor. A fully qualified driving instructor will show a green badge and a trainee will display a red badge.


The DSA grades all qualified driving instructors so that pupils can compare various driving schools in Parkgate and see which driving school delivers the best value for money. The best driving instructors are grade 6. But only about 7% of all driving instructors ever reach this accolade. At our driving school in Parkgate all our driving instructors are grade 4 or higher. Some driving schools in Parkgate allow trainees to teach their pupils. Our driving school has never taken on trainee driving instructors and never will.


Many people book cheap driving lessons in Parkgate thinking that they are saving money by making such bookings. But this is certainly not true. Cheap driving lessons usually involves been taught by trainee driving instructors who are still under training and as such are inexperienced compared with qualified driving instructors.  Due to their inexperience the pupils are not usually properly prepared for the driving tests and may have to take many driving tests before eventually passing. But when the extra costs involved with each driving test attempt are taken into account then cheap driving lessons are not as good as they first appeared.


People are amazed when they learn that the DSA recommends that every pupil needs, on average, forty-eight hours worth of driving lessons if they wish to attempt the UK driving test. Our driving test is now one of the hardest in the world. This is because of the amount of congestion on our British roads we need to make sure that all newly qualified drivers have the necessary skills mastered before they take their tests to help keep them, and other road users, safe and alive once they are driving alone.


Like many driving schools in Parkgate we experience pupils forgetting about their driving lessons thus wasting our driving instructor’s time and money. If a deposit is paid when booking the first driving lesson in Parkgate then our driving school in Parkgate can usually reduce the price of the lesson as the deposit guarantees that the lesson will go ahead.


Our driving school in Parkgate guarantees that our driving lessons prices in Parkgate will not increase simply because a pupil wants driving lessons in Parkgate at the weekend or in the evenings. The price our staff quotes will remain fixed irrespective on when the driving lesson takes place.

Just because the majority of driving schools do sixty-minute driving lessons does not mean that you have to follow the crowd. At our driving school in Parkgate we treat all pupils as individuals and organise their driving lessons to suit them.  Our driving school in Parkgate can book driving lessons in Parkgate for anything between 60-120 minutes. Our driving school in Parkgate, however, does not think that driving lessons in excess of two hours are advisable as by then the pupil begins to get tired and starts making errors.


Our driving school in Parkgate can organise any type of driving course that a pupils requires. Our driving school can book an intensive driving course, or a Pass Plus driving course, or a motorway driving course or even if a person has not driven for a long time and needs to regain their confidence. Whatever a customer wants then our driving school in Parkgate will do its best to have everything arranged at times to suit the customer and have it completed within an hour.


When looking for a special gift or present then consider our driving lesson vouchers. They make excellent gifts and our driving school in Parkgate will have them in the post the same day that the order is received. If these driving lesson vouchers are needed urgently then our driving school in Parkgate can e-mail them.