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Our driving school covers Locksheath


Our driving school in Locksheath appreciates that learning to drive is not cheap now due to the running costs of our vehicles. But still far too many pupils try to buy cheap driving lessons in Locksheath without realising that they are putting their safety at risk. You cannot expect an experienced and fully qualified driving instructor to work for low pay. The driving schools in Locksheath who do offer cheap driving lessons in Locksheath can do so as the majority of these ‘cheap’ driving schools in Locksheath use trainee driving instructors to teach their pupils.  To become a good and safe newly qualified driver always get the best training you can from a professionally operated driving school in Locksheath.  Your safety and well-being will one day depends upon that training you received. Remember that when you are contacting all the driving schools in Locksheath.


Every driving instructor will display a badge in the car’s windscreen whenever they are giving driving lessons in Locksheath. A green badge informs you that the driving instructor is fully qualified and has all three DSA qualifying examinations and has their name on the ADI Register. A red badge shows that the driving instructor giving these driving lessons in Locksheath is a trainee and has not yet passed the teaching examination.  If you are going to pay for driving lessons in Locksheath you may as well pay a decent price and get decent tuition.  


So that pupils know how good each individual driving instructor is, the DSA have a grading system which applies to every fully qualified driving instructor. Grade 6 is the highest grade any fully qualified driving instructor can achieve. All the driving instructors who work with our driving school in Locksheath must be a grade 4 or higher.  Trainee driving instructors are not graded until they qualify and this is one reason why so many driving schools in Locksheath do not tell their pupils this because these driving schools in Locksheath operate with trainee driving instructors.


When talking with any driving school in Locksheath remember that driving lessons are possibly the second most important purchase you will ever buy after a house. The effect of the driver training you buy will be life changing and life lasting.  What you are taught on your driving lessons in Locksheath will affect the rest of your life.  There are very few skills in life that you will ever learn that will help to keep you safe.  This is why it is of paramount importance that learner drivers go to the very best driving school in Locksheath that they can find.  Forget the cheap driving lessons in Locksheath. What you are taught by the driving school in Locksheath will keep you and all your future passengers safe.  How would you feel if your best friend got badly injured because of your negligence simply because you took cheap driving lessons and were not taught properly?  If not for yourself then do it for your mates; get professionally driver training in Locksheath.


Nobody can tell a new pupil how many driving lessons they are going to need. Every pupil learns at a different rate but pupils need fewer driving lessons in Locksheath if they are taught by qualified driving instructors.


Reduced driving lesson prices in Locksheath can usually be obtained off our qualified driving instructors for most pupils if they prepay for a number of driving lessons. These deposits guarantee that the pupil will be there when our driving instructor arrives. Like many driving schools in Locksheath we experience our driving instructors arriving for driving lessons only to find that the pupil has forgotten and is not there.


Our driving school in Locksheath accepts that some people, due to other commitments, such as work or needing child-minders, are only available to take their driving lessons in the evenings or at weekends. Unlike many other driving schools in Locksheath we do not charge a higher price for driving lessons in Locksheath taken after 5pm or at weekends. If a driving school in Locksheath does charge a higher price for driving lessons in Locksheath taken at these times then simply find another driving school in Locksheath to go to


The majority of pupils prefer sixty minute driving lessons in Locksheath. Thanks to our flexibility our driving school in Locksheath can do driving lessons for whatever length of time suits each individual pupil.  However, from years of experience, our driving school in Locksheath does recommend that no driving lesson should last more than two hours without a thirty-minute break. More than this and the pupil starts getting tired and making errors and is simply wasting their money.


Whatever type of driving course a pupils asks for, our driving school in Locksheath always recommends that the pupil does a trial lesson first. Our driving school in Locksheath wants to make sure that the pupil is happy with both the individual driving instructor and the car. If the pupil wishes to change to another driving instructor for whatever reason then our driving school in Locksheath will find another ADI. A pupil will not learn if they do not get on with the driving instructor or the type of car does not suit them.


Our driving school in Locksheath can help our pupils offset the cost of learning to drive by been able to get up to 25% off our pupil’s first car insurance. This saving can be worth many hundreds of pounds but not all driving schools in Locksheath can offer this.


Teenagers in particular would appreciate our driving lesson vouchers as birthday or Christmas presents.  You can buy as many driving lessons as you need and our driving school in Locksheath will send the driving lesson vouchers out the same day. If the vouchers are needed urgently then ask our trained staff at our driving school in Locksheath to e-mail these driving lesson vouchers to you.


A good pass rate is a strong indication of the training any pupil will receive from a driving school in Locksheath. Our pass rate is excellent but after been in the business for so many years then you would not expect anything else from such a long and established driving school in Locksheath.


Please do not hesitate to contact our driving school in Locksheath if you have any questions that you would like answered before making any firm commitment.