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Booking driving lessons is exciting but make sure you know what you are buying. Our driving school is unique as all our driving instructors are fully qualified which means that all our pupils receive excellent training. Not all driving schools in Alverstoke operate like this so be aware that some driving schools in Alverstoke use trainee driving instructors


You will see one of two different coloured badges in any driving school car’s windscreen. A green badge informs you that this instructor is qualified whereas a red badge tells you that the instructor is still under training and has not yet passed all the necessary qualifying examinations


All professionally run driving schools in Alverstoke will explain the driving instructor grading system without you needing to ask. If they do not then it could be that they are using trainees driving instructors. All qualified driving instructors are graded up to a grade 6. All our driving instructors are grade 4 or higher.


The DSA grades all qualified driving instructors so that pupils can compare various driving schools in Alverstoke and see which driving school delivers the best value for money. The best driving instructors are grade 6. But only about 7% of all driving instructors ever reach this accolade. At our driving school in Alverstoke all our driving instructors are grade 4 or higher. Some driving schools in Alverstoke allow trainees to teach their pupils. Our driving school has never taken on trainee driving instructors and never will.


If you simply want a cheap driving school in Alverstoke then you will find them. But what you are taught on your driving lessons in Alverstoke will help keep you safe once you have passed your driving test and are driving alone.  Like most things you buy the price reflects the quality of the purchase. You will never get good tuition if you are simply looking for cheapness.  By paying a slightly higher price you will pass with fewer driving lessons and be a much better and safer driver.


How many driving lessons in Alverstoke any pupil needs will vary with each individual. No matter what skills any person learns the time it takes to master those skills varies dramatically.  What so many people forget is that 24 driving lessons in Alverstoke is only the equivalent to one days driving.  Yet people think that they can pass one of the hardest driving tests in the world with less than a day’s experience.


If a pupil pays for the first few hours then our driving school in Alverstoke will be able to arrange a discounted price deal on the driving lessons in Alverstoke. By paying this deposit our driving school in Alverstoke knows that the pupil will be there when our driving instructors arrives. Like other driving schools in Alverstoke we often have pupils forgetting about their driving lessons and this wastes our driving instructor’s time and money. The deposit guarantees to our driving school in Alverstoke that the pupil will be there.