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Our driving school in Fareham has an excellent first time pass rate on the DSA driving tests. This is because our driving school in Fareham only permits fully qualified driving instructors to conduct our driving lessons in Fareham. However, this can only be maintained if our pupils put effort in on their driving lessons in Fareham, too. Learning to drive is a team effort. Our driving school in Fareham can certainly supply one half of the team. But pupils also need to realise that they need to put effort in and take driving lessons in Fareham on a regular basis. Booking and then cancelling driving lessons not only wastes our driving instructors’ time and money but it also delays the pupil’s progress.

Before starting your first driving lesson starts ask to view the driving instructor’s certificate. This should be near to the car tax disc. A green badge informs you that your instructor has passed all three qualifying examinations and is an ADI. A red badge means that the person who is teaching you is still under training and has not yet qualified.

To judge how good a driving instructor is then ask what the ADIs grade which is issued by the Driving Standards Agency. The highest grade that any fully qualified driving instructor can achieve is a grade 6. All the driving instructors with our driving school in Fareham are grade 4 or higher. Many other driving schools in Fareham use trainee driving instructors and these instructors are not graded until they qualify.

When communicating with any driving school in Fareham remember that driving lessons are possibly the second most important purchase you will ever buy after a house. The effect of the driver training you buy will be life changing and life lasting. What you are taught on your driving lessons in Fareham will affect the rest of your life. There are very few skills in life that you will ever learn that will help to keep you safe. This is why it is of paramount importance that learner drivers go to the very best driving school in Fareham that they can find. Forget the cheap driving lessons in Fareham. What you are taught by the driving school in Fareham will keep you and all your future passengers safe. How would you feel if your best friend got badly injured because of your negligence simply because you took cheap driving lessons and were not taught properly? If not for yourself then do it for your mates; get professionally driver training in Fareham.

It is always best to book an assessment to discover how many lessons will be needed before booking an entire driving course. Every pupil learns at a different speed and all pupils need a different number of driving lessons in Fareham to reach the driving test standard. By booking the initial driving assessment it gives the driving instructor a chance to view the pupil’s level of attainment and give guidance on how many more driving lessons in Fareham will be necessary. Our driving school in Fareham can organise these assessments lessons at times and dates to suit each pupil.

Lower driving lesson prices in Fareham can usually be obtained off our qualified driving instructors for most pupils if they prepay for a number of driving lessons. These deposits guarantee that the pupil will be there when our driving instructor arrives. Like many driving schools in Fareham we experience our driving instructors arriving for driving lessons only to find that the pupil has forgotten and is not there.

Our driving school in Fareham accepts that some people, due to other commitments, such as work or needing child-minders, are only available to take their driving lessons in the evenings or at weekends. Unlike many other driving schools in Fareham we do not charge a higher price for driving lessons in Fareham taken after 5pm or at weekends. If a driving school in Fareham does charge a higher price for driving lessons in Fareham taken at these times then simply find another driving school in Fareham to go to

All our driving lessons in Fareham last for a minimum of one hour. Our driving lessons can be for a longer period if requested. Please mention it to our booking staff at our driving school in Fareham if a driver lesson in Fareham needs to be for 60, 90 or a 120 minutes and they will gladly make sure this information is given to our qualified driving instructor.

Our driving school in Fareham can organise any type of driving course that a pupils requires. Our driving school can book an intensive driving course, or a Pass Plus driving course, or a motorway driving course or even if a person has not driven for a long time and needs to regain their confidence. Whatever a customer wants then our driving school in Fareham will do its best to have everything arranged at times to suit the customer and have it completed within an hour.