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Far too many pupils book a driving school because they are cheap


Learning to drive is one of the most important skills most of us will ever learn.

People’s lives depend upon drivers reaching a required standard of driving to keep both themselves and other road users safe.


By taking cheap driving lessons it may appear to be a cheap way of getting your driving licence. But there is more to learning to drive than just passing a relatively simple driving test to obtain your driving licence.


The quality of the training you receive on your driving lessons will affect how you drive for the rest of your life. What you are taught will literally keep you alive when you are driving alone after passing your driving test.


By going to a driving school who only uses qualified driving instructors, not only will you be taught better but it usually works out to be cheaper. This is because you will need fewer driving lessons to pass the driving test if you are taught properly.


If you had your house re-wired would you want a qualified electrician to do the job or a friend of yours who would do it cheaper?  Your life will depend upon that electrician doing a proper and professional job to keep you safe. A driving instructor is the same.


Look at the following example;


£15 an hour x 60 lessons plus 3 driving tests = £1,086

£22 an hour x 30 lessons plus 1 driving test = £722 + 25% off your first car insurance (£500 approx saving)


So the cheap driving lessons actually cost £869 more.


Before booking a driving lesson simply ask how much value do you put on your life? 


Do you really want CHEAP tuition?


Or do you want GOOD tuition?